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At Maple Bear, curiosity, exploration and imagination are encouraged.

Maple Bear Elementary


6 – 15 years old

Canadian Primary School offers innovative education in a program that uses Canada’s best teaching methods and strategies. Developed exclusively for Maple Bear by renowned and recognized Canadian education professionals, it covers the best practices of the Canadian education system, adhering to the requirements of Czech education. 

Grade Zero/Pre-school

The Maple Bear Program supports children’s natural desire to learn through stimulating and varied experiences. We are teaching children how to think, how to problem solve, how to research, how to communicate, and how to be independent reflective thinkers.


First Grade

Elementary core curriculum

School curriculum

Maple Bear has developed an excellent, hands on, rigorous and relevant elementary curriculum in each subject area based on the highly successful Canadian approach to learning and instruction. Maple Bear encourages the development of the child’s basic skill in literacy, numeracy, science, technology, analysis, problem solving, information processing and computing, Critical and creative thinking skills are promoted and encouraged so that children can be successful in today’s world. The Elementary Program is designed to educate the whole child – physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

The Maple Bear Elementary and Middle Years Programs require a minimum of 50% instruction in English. The remaining portion of the program is conducted in the home language. Subjects taught in English include English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. Instruction in the home language, History, Geography, Physical Education, the Arts, and other subjects is conducted in the students’ first language.

Student-centered learning in a safe and stimulating environment.

In Maple Bear primary schools, students develop communication skills in two languages ​​(Czech and English), including comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.

Experienced teachers use the basis of Canadian education to develop an exclusive Maple Bear Czech language program.

Students learn skills and concepts, mathematical or scientific, in different ways. These include practical approaches and experiences, as well as projects that make mathematics and science more meaningful and relevant.

Teachers always monitor the development of each student, acting as a mediator in the learning process. Through daily interaction with books, newspapers and magazines and the opportunity to write creatively, students independently develop reading and writing skills. The program also uses a variety of activities with many different goals, individually and in groups, to develop and improve students’ skills.

English Language Arts

At all grades, the focus is on acquiring language and literacy skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students learn to read and produce a wide range of texts, including media, transactional (letters, e-mails, etc.), and tertiary texts. The level of sophistication grows with the advancing grade levels. All classrooms must be literacy-rich environments.


The themes of number sense and numeration, measurement, geometry and spatial sense, patterning and algebra, data management and probability are developed in increasing complexity at each grade level. The program emphasizes problem solving, understanding concepts, application of procedures and communication about mathematics.


The science program emphasizes enquiry and the use of the scientific method in science classes. At each grade level increasingly complex topics are studied from the fields of biology, physics, chemistry and environmental science. The emphasis is on experimentation and application rather than memorization.

Frequently asked questions

What are operating hours for the school?

The school will be open from 7 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Curriculum activities are planned from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Will the Czech core curriculum be implemented in the school?

Yes, an original Maple Bear educational program is created by combining the Canadian curriculum and methodology with a fully implemented Czech core curriculum. Maple Bear fully respects the educational requirements of the countries in which it operates, adopting the Canadian methodology to deliver the mandatory local curriculum. Our teams have analyzed all local curriculum, making sure that in the Maple Bear program the learning outcomes indicated by the local Ministry of Education are achieved. Maple Bear enriches and brings the added value of Canadian best educational strategies and best practices to the local structures.

How many children will there be in one group?

MB standards indicate that there will be a maximum of 22 children in a elementary classroom, but the final number of children depends on the size of the classroom. It is possible, that some groups will be smaller. 

Do students learn local history and geography?

Yes. All subjects at Maple Bear fully respect the curriculum provided by the local Ministry of Education.

If children join a Maple Bear Elementary school later, is it complicated for them to integrate?

The earlier the student joins the Maple Bear program, the assimilation of the second language will be a smoother process. It is worth mentioning that the process of acquiring the second language occurs naturally, only occasionally requiring some reinforcement and special attention from the teachers. With regard to content and methodology, the adaptation of incoming students occurs naturally in a practical and collaborative learning environment.

Is there Czech translation offered for students which are not English speaking?

There is no translation so children begin to think in the second language instead of translating it.

In an immersion setting children do not hear their first language. Instead teachers facilitate communication through different methods, like rate of speech, phrasing and rephrasing, gestures, facial and dramatic expression and games. Children also learn by having fun singing and doing the actions together, reciting poems, rhymes and jingles and through games. 

Teachers encourage students and develop their confidence in learning the new language by repeating their statements correctly rather than correcting them.

Will children be provided with full board?

Yes, at Maple Bear Czechia we provide full board for pre-school and elementary school children.

Does Maple Bear provide additional activities?

Yes, we will provide several additional activities to be chosen by parents and children. Full list and costs will be provided before the start of school year. 

Is the fee for extra classes included in the tuition?

Extracurricular activities will be charge separately, but Maple Bear Schools will make every effort to ensure competitive pricing as well as wide range of different activities.

Will the children have uniforms?

Yes, our children at Maple Bear have uniforms, which are available at the school at the beginning of the school year. We will also provide the opportunity to purchase additional items during the year. 

Will the children have English textbooks?

Books required in the Maple Bear curriculum are provided by the school and their cost is included in the tuition fee. 

Children will also use Czech textbooks, where required by the Czech core curriculum.

Is the certificate provided by Maple Bear valid as proof of English proficiency?

No. Higher education institutions normally request proof of results obtained in independent proficiency assessment exams, such as TOEFL, TOEIC and Cambridge. However, the language proficiency achieved as a Maple Bear student makes it very easy.

After studying at Maple Bear, will the child be prepared to enter a university in the USA or Canada?

Learning at Maple Bear, due to its natural bilingualism and methodological similarity, represents an important competitive advantage for students who wish to follow the path of university education abroad. However, no elementary or secondary education institution, even the international schools that apply the curriculum of their own countries, can promise automatic entry to local or foreign universities. Each country has its own mechanisms, such as SAT (standard exam practiced in the United States), entrance exams practiced in Eastern Europe, etc.

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