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Enrollment for students at Maple Bear Olomouc and Brno is now open!

What is Maple Bear?

Maple Bear is the largest and the fastest growing educational network in the world. Maple Bear is a world leader in bilingual education, offering high-quality Early Childhood, Elementary and High School education based on the best practices that rank Canadian education among the best in the world. Maple Bear schools provide a student-centered learning program in a safe and stimulating environment that instills a passion for life-long learning.

Why Canadian education?

Since PISA’s inception in 2000, Canada consistently ranks in the top 10 in all three domains out of all participating OECD countries. The educational system of Canada is also highly equitable by PISA standard, combining high level of inclusion and fairness. In addition to this ranking that demonstrates the academic excellence of Canadians, we can confirm that Canada is a world leader in bilingual education.

We believe in the joy of learning

If children can love learning and continue to love learning throughout school and throughout their lives then they will be successful and fulfilled.

What we offer to global parents?

Maple Bear schools offer full Canadian bilingual teaching methodologies & strategies utilizing Canadian and local curriculum in the educational process. Maple Bear brings only the best of Canadian education: full immersion of the child in the English-speaking environment, innovation, care, a thorough approach to learning and personal development. Maple Bear is Canadian methodology combined with local curriculum.

Unique quality education

Maple Bear has built its global reputation for quality. Everything is designed for excellence in education, from building state of the art facilities to interior design and furnishings. Bright and spacious classrooms are organized to reflect active engagement in the learning process. The curriculum and resources are consistent among all the Maple Bear schools. Our teachers are provided with training on curriculum and strategies on an ongoing basis by very experienced highly qualified educators from Canada.

Advantages of Maple Bear

The Maple Bear program is student focused and ensures that students are safe physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. The program engages, challenges and involves students in their learning with an emphasis on higher order thinking skills and problem-solving skills that are necessary for success in the 21st century.
  • Curious: Passionate about knowledge and learning.
  • Confident: Deeply aware of their talents and potential.
  • Independent: Prepared to lead their own lives, and decide their own paths and destiny.
  • Analytical: Able to think freely & shape their ownbeliefs.
  • Flexible: Adaptable in a world where change is theonly constant.
  • Creative: Always motivated and enthusiastic about asking “what if?”
  • Prepared: In possession of the knowledge and tools necessary for an outstanding performance at college, artwork and in life, in their home country or abroad.
  • Global: Bilingual and culturally literate for a global future.

Global Presence

Maple Bear combines the best of Canadian educational practices to bring Canadian bilingual nursery, primary and high school education to students around the world.


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