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Safe, secure, bilingual and stimulating environment for all students.

Maple Bear Kindergarten


3 – 6 years old

In Maple Bear kindergarten groups, we develop the skills, qualities and uniqueness of each child, which in the future cannot be replaced by a computer: curiosity, analysis, confidence, independence, adaptability, creativity, global thinking.

In the educational process, Maple Bear brings only the best of Canadian education: full immersion of the child in an English-speaking environment, innovation, care, a thorough approach to learning and personal development – a child who we believe will be happy and successful; a person who can think, analyze, take responsibility, that is, be a conscious citizen of the world

Kindergarten core curriculum

English language and literature

In the senior kindergarten group, children will be able to communicate effectively in English, understand and speak English, know the letters of the alphabet, be able to read basic English text, know the techniques of correct pronunciation when learning new words, know writing strategies for writing texts basic level, and finally be able to use and receive audio and video materials.

Personal development and social skills

Children will learn to share, respect others, listen and understand that people have different talents and functions in our society.

Science and technology

Children will be interested in the world around them, will know the characteristics of the most common materials, will distinguish cycles in nature through observation and will work with other students on the computer throughout the learning process.

Creative activity

Children will be able to use color, shape and media to communicate their ideas. They will be able to express their impressions of music, art objects, performances and dances.

Physical culture and health

Children’s physical skills (such as balance and flexibility) will develop, they will know the rules of safety, be able to share, wait their turn, engage together, and know the rules of behavior.


Children will be able to solve problems. They will learn about the laws of nature, the concepts of numbers, comparisons, sets, basic formal operations (such as addition and subtraction), 2-D and 3-D objects, simple graphs, basic types of measurement, evaluation and gain basic knowledge of probability theory.

Development of language skills and language acquisition

Children enter a Maple Bear school with a basic level of native language proficiency. When learning their native language, children go through several stages in the following order: listening, understanding, speaking, reading and writing. Any stage of language learning begins when skills development is still ongoing in the previous stages. When Maple Bear students learn English as a second language, they go through the same steps in the same sequence as when learning their native language. Studies show that learning two languages ​​at an early age promotes children’s linguistic and cognitive development.

The method of language learning on the principle of immersion in a foreign language environment in Maple Bear schools is used for in-depth study of English. This means that children learn to listen, speak, read and write in English in a language environment where learning materials are presented in English. Lessons from the first day are conducted in English.

Literacy, which involves listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, is one of the most important goals of Maple Bear.

Frequently asked questions

What are operating hours for the kindergarten?

The kindergarten will be open from 7 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Curriculum activities are planned from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Will the Czech core curriculum be implemented in the kindergarten?

Yes, an original Maple Bear educational program is created by combining Canadian curriculum and methodology with a fully implemented Czech core curriculum. Maple Bear fully respects the educational requirements of the countries in which it operates, adopting the Canadian methodology to deliver the mandatory local curriculum. Our teams have analyzed all local curriculum, making sure that in the Maple Bear program the learning outcomes indicated by the local Ministry of Education are achieved. Maple Bear enriches and brings the added value of the best Canadian educational strategies and best practices to the local structures.

How many children will there be in one group?

Maple Bear standards indicate that there will be a maximum of 18 children in a pre-school group, but the final number of children depends on the size of the classroom. It is possible, that some groups will be smaller. 

How many caregivers will take care of the group?

According to Maple Bear standards, each group will be cared for by 2 people – a teacher and a teacher’s assistant. 

In what language will classes be conducted in the kindergarten?

Classes will be conducted in English to implement the immersion strategy from the beginning. 

If children join a Maple Bear Kindergarten or Elementary school later, is it complicated for them to integrate?

The earlier the student joins the Maple Bear program, the assimilation of the second language will be a smoother process. It is worth mentioning that the process of acquiring the second language occurs naturally, only occasionally requiring some reinforcement and special attention from the teachers. With regard to content and methodology, the adaptation of incoming students occurs naturally in a practical and collaborative learning environment.

Will children be provided with full board?

Yes, at Maple Bear Schools we provide full board for pre-school and elementary school children.

Does Maple Bear provide additional activities?

Yes, we will provide several additional activities to be chosen by parents and children. Full list and costs will be provided before the start of school year. 

Is the fee for extra classes included in the tuition?

Extracurricular activities will be charged separately, but Maple Bear Schools will make every effort to ensure competitive pricing as well as a wide range of different activities.

Will the children have uniforms?

Yes, our children at Maple Bear have uniforms, which are available at the school at the beginning of the school year. We will also provide the opportunity to purchase additional items during the year. 

Should children wear the uniforms every day? Are there any exceptions?

Yes, the children should wear the uniforms every day. Schools may decide to make exceptions a few days per year, on special occasions.

Will the children have textbooks? What language will they be in?

Books required in the Maple Bear curriculum are provided by the school and their cost is included in the tuition fee. They’ll be both in Czech and English depending on the subject.

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