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Tuition Fees – Maple Bear Olomouc


Ages 3–6

Maximum of twenty children per class, two teachers in each classroom. 

Standard Tuition Fee:

Monthly Fee (10x)

18,000 CZK (total 180,000 CZK annually)

One-Time Payment 5% Discount:

171,000 CZK

Half-day Fee (10x)

12 600 CZK (total 126,000 CZK annually)

Three-Day Fee (10x)

12 600 CZK (total 126,000 CZK annually)

Promotional Fees For 2024/2025:

Monthly Fee (10x with a 10% Discount):

16,200 CZK 

Early Birds (30% Discount):

126,000 CZK

Maple Bear Czechia offers a sibling discount of 10% for the second child, 20% for the third child, and any additional siblings. 

Registration Fee:

9,000 CZK (one-time fee)


Books and educational materials

Additional Charges:

Food, uniforms1

  1. According to the Maple Bear Schools Statute, all children are required to wear uniforms. Catalog and price lists will be communicated to parents. The first set of uniforms is included in the Registration Fee. ↩︎